EMES is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

This April, EMES is celebrating its 20th anniversary. That is two decades full of research and activities that have consolidated a worldwide research community! Therefore, our heartfelt appreciation goes to all of you who have been and continue to be there.

We feel it is “just the beginning”. As the Gardel tango goes, “20 years are nothing” when you’re fueled by the need to contribute to deep transformations in the way our societies function and inspire the next generations of SE scholars.

We will continue working to build a supportive environment where our members can thrive, both personally and professionally. It’s been quite an adventure, and we’re planning a number of actions along this year to share this evolution with you and also think together about what lies ahead. Our revamped logo will be featured across our web and all communications to remind us of this moment of celebration and achievement, despite all the hardship.

In this manner, we’re also looking back at all the PhD candidates and early-stage researchers who have gone through our summer schools. Looking back at the very first edition of EMES International Training School, it took place from the 3rd to the 7th of July 2008 in Corsica (France): “Social enterprises, third sector, social economy, solidarity-based economy: Empirical and theoretical debate”.

Participants of 1st EMES Training School in Corsica

Participants of 1st EMES Training School in Corsica

We would like to hear from our 1st EMES International Training School participants! We count on your help to connect back with us while nurturing the network spirit of EMES. So make sure to send a quick message through email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, letting us know about your current position, research, publications or interests.

It is really special to realise that we have been able to build a community of committed human beings with huge transformative power.

Join us in celebrating the contribution of the thousands of researchers, policymakers, practitioners and the wide public who have been a part of this ongoing story that we are writing together!